Midnight BBS Social Media App v2

Midnight BBS Social Media App v2


A basic social messaging web application prototype developed using Angular 6 on the front-end and Node.js with MongoDB on the backend. This revisits the application I developed earlier using Bootstrap and PHP7.0. Features include:

  • a console to allow text communication with other online users, and to navigate through the server systems
  • a messaging system with boards to leave public messages
  • a user contacts system to make friends, see who is currently online, and send private messages
  • a files system (allowing upload and upload to the server)
  • an image gallery system (allowing slideshows from the files system)
  • a notes system that allow you to make searchable, tag-sortable public and private notes and project tasks

Visit Midnight BBS.

To view the demo version of the system, login with:
username: _admin
password: testtest
choose server: Midnight secure 80

View source code on the Bitbucket Git Midnight BBS Angular 4 Front-End and Midnight Node.js Server repositories.
Note: This project is still under active development.


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