Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute – BeLS

Projects produced as the Multimedia Coordinator in the Blended eLearning Solutions group.

View my BitBucket git repository for the Actionscript code developed for these projects: Adobe Flash Actionscript



cams01 cams02 cams03 cams04 cams06 cams07 cams08 cams09 cams10 cams11 cams12 cams13 cams14 cams15


Virtual Hospital

vhosp_01 vhosp_02 vhosp_03 vhosp_04 vhosp_05 vhosp_06 vhosp_07 vhosp_08 vhosp_09 vhosp_10



dfss_interface_01 dfss02 dfss03 dfss06 dfss07 dfss08 dfss09 dfss10 dfss11


Student Web

gps_concept_01 gps_concept_02 gps_concept_03 mahara_concept_01 sw_concept_01 sw_concept_03


Virtual House

bb1_01 bbl_02 bbl_03 bbl_04 bbl_05 vhouse_interface_01


Generic Competency Units

gcu01 gcu02 gcu03 gcu04 gcu05 gcu06 gcu08 gcu09 gcu10 gcu11 gcu12 gcu13 gcu14 gcu15 gcu16 gcu17


Diploma of Management

dipman_01 dipman2 dipman3 dipman4 dipman5 dipman6 dipman7 dipman8


Cert IV in TAA

taa_01 taa2 taa3 taa4 taa5 taa6 taa7 taa8 taa9


Sustainable Office Block

so_02 so_04 so_06 so_09 so_11 so_22 so_interface_01