Analysis Question with Sample Response II Sinead OConnor

Analysis Question with Sample Response II Sinead OConnor

Sinead O’Connor, She Moved Through the Fair

Sample Response II

How is character created in the vocal part of this work?

The vocalist creates a serene, relaxed character through:

1. the use of held phrase ending which end in a vibrato fade, meaning that there are no harsh endings

2. the vocalist also uses a soft dynamic towards the beginning and a very soft at the end with a louder but not loud dynamic in the middle as the climax if serenity.

3. the use of an aspirate and simultaneous onset adds the serene character as there are no harsh stoppages in the voice except for those that naturally happen due to her accent.


Jenn Gillan: Some good points here. I agree with them all. You’re just a little light on in analysis here. More points needed. I’d also suggest that there is a change in character or at least an intensifying of the character that needs to be acknowledged. Try to use all expressive devices in a question like this. Rhythm, toe colour etc. will add to your responses.